If you ask about Apple OSX games on /v/, you're going to get drowned in trolls. We'd like to apologize for that: sorry.

Damn near every game made for Microsoft Windows also has an Apple OSX version, so check that out until we can get /v/ to give a straight answer, and write this page.

For games from before System 10 (a.k.a. "OS X") came out, check the Macintosh page.

And for God's sake, get Steam. It's been available for OS X since May 2010.

Also, Unix and Mac users should look into Wine. It usually supports Windows games and it's free.

The List Bearbeiten

Picture Title Genre Year Released


200px Amnesia: The Dark Descent Horor /Mindfuck 2011 This is an FPS, for First-Person-ScreamLikeALittleGirl. You gotta make your way through a damned dark castle, but it's too dark to see. If you carry a light, however, the things can see you.
200px Bioshock FPS 2007 Adventure in the underwater dystopia of "Rapture," what was supposed to be a libertarian paradise. Action / exploration and customizing combat. There's some moral ambiguity too, when it comes time to decide what to do about the "little sisters."
Heroes of Newerth MOBA 2010 A Defence Of The Ancients clone that recently became freemium.
200px Machinarium Puzzle 2009 The black-hat robots stole your robot girlfriend, and threw you on the robot junkpile! Pick yourself up, get back into the city and save her. Beautiful art, much pointy-clicky puzzle solving.
Minecraft Sandbox 2011 The world is composed of blocks which you can destroy and reuse to the extent of your imagination. It is currently in beta phase and is being updated semi-often. It also features an extensive Survival mode and Multiplayer mode. First-Person LEGO (FPL ?)
200px Portal 2007 Puzzle You're a "volunteer" at an experimental research facility managed by an AI who is lacking in ethics and doubtful sanity. Your job is to test a device that can connect two surfaces together. You are promised cake if you complete the tests successfully (spoiler: the cake is horrible-screaming-death flavoured).
Datei:Portal 2 cover.jpg
Portal 2 2011 Puzzle A sub-AI module dug you out of cryostasis to help get out of the testing facility. The AI from the last game is deactivated, so it should be easy so long as you don't reactivate her. Just don't press the 'on' button... the red shiny 'on' button... the jolly candy-like OH FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!!! More puzzles, more gimmicks, plenty of background fluff and top-notch voice acting. Also comes with 2-player co-op first-person puzzle mode (2PCOFPPM?)

Soundtrack is available for free

200px Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty RTS 2010 It's Starcraft, only moreso.
Team Fortress 2 FPS 2007 An official sequel to the Quake modification, Team Fortress. The game revolves around nine unique classes and hats. A lot of hats. It's updated regularly and has been receiving consistent content since it's release.
200px Torchlight RPG 2010 A Diablo clone (herp derp Nethack clone) done well.
200px World of Goo Puzzle 2008 Is there any platform that World of Goo doesn't run on? Help sticky blobs of, well, goo to cooperate so they can get from point A to point B. Simple idea, it's the art and decorations that make it memorable.