Android is the 'other' handheld operating system, after iPhone. There aren't as many games for the Android as iPhone, because (a) people who buy Apple have proven they got more money to blow, (b) asshole phone companies lock their phones to their exclusive app stores, and make devs jump through hoops to get in, and (c) there's more variety of hardware that runs Android (i.e.: more than two), so testing is a bitch. Jailbreaking an Android smartphone is called "rooting."

  • Android Market - Default "app store" that every 'droid phone should have
  • AppBrain - the app store that gamers tend to install on their smartphones

There are a total of 9 trusted Android-based emulating apps. Some are available at the SlideME marketplace, some are on the Android market!

On the android marketplace, look up a developer named "Robert Broglia". Buy his line of emulating apps. They're fast, reliable, and very authentic to the original systems.

For the rest of the good stuff, download the SlideME marketplace (google it) and search for a guy named "yongzh". You'll notice that some of his apps emulate the exact same systems that some Robert apps emulate. I'm telling you this to save you dosh, don't buy the mirror yongzh apps. Robert is a faster developer. Anyways, buy all the other yongzh apps. With that, you will have all the best apps this /v/irgin could find after months of wasting money and looking around. Also, did I mention that there's no rooting required for these apps to work? Just install and play!

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Free Games Bearbeiten

If a game is free to install, but pay-for-play, it goes in the other list. If the game has a free version or demo that's good enough you'd play it without ever buying the full version, it goes here.

Screenshot Title Genre Description
200px Angry Birds Puzzle Small, no-brainer crush-the-castle game with cartoon birds. This is the cancer avian flu that is why so many apps have birds in their icons now; in the hopes that you'll download their piece of shit instead of this treasure.
200px Tricorder Toy It turns your smartphone into a genuine sci-fi sensor device, using real data from anything in your phone that measures things. Looks and sounds like it came off the set of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Was removed from the public because CBS threatened to sue, so the app has been killed. (If they come out with an "officially licensed" version, be sure to take a big steaming shit on it.) If you have a rooted phone, you can still get it through the Blackmart Alpha appstore.
200px Gimmie Friction Puzzle / Shooter Damn simple one-button game, timing is everything.
200px Reactor (2-player) Puzzle / Multiplayer Instant gameshow, anywhere anytime, just put the phone between you. This is the game you play with your girlfriend. There's a four-player version if you're willing to buy it, though better for tablets since smartphones are too damn small for four people to sit around.
200px Replica Island Platformer Good, polished free platform game. Puts the trackball to good use.(if you have one)
200px Simon Tatham's Puzzles Puzzle 33 logic puzzles like the AZN stuff that gets published in newspapers: sudoku, lightup, loopy, kakuro, nonogram, you know what I mean.
200px Gun Bros Shooter Awesome shooter game with fairly smooth controls and a lot of levels.
200px Alchemy Puzzle(ish) A game which allows players to make up to 370 different elements using Air, Wind, Fire and Water.
200px Duckhunt Bird killing FUCKING DOG
200px Meganoid Platformer Avoid the spikes and enemies, get the orange diamonds and teleport to the next stage. Pretty simple game. Unfortunately it has a metric ton of levels and no continue. You also cannot grind for many extra lives.
200px Mystique Horror Adventure Free episodic games. You play as a girl with amnesia trying to escape from an isolated location
200px Robotek HD Fighter You're a robot that controls robots and you fight robots with robots with robotic powers. Requires in-game purchase pretty early on if you suck at the game. (which you probably will)
200px Gloomy Dungeons FPS A game that's similar to Doom. It has bad movement controls, but you will get used to it soon.
200px Dungeon Defenders: First Wave Tower Defense 3D tower defense. You control a hero that summons defenses and runs around killing monsters. Has online multiplayer.
200px Zenonia / Zenonia 2 / Zenonia 3 / Zenonia 4 RPG Zenonia is like a Genesis or Super Nintendo ARPG which introduces fresh concepts to the genre like the day-night system and the great skill tree for customizing the hero. Highly recommend for both retro gamers and adventure fans. The sequel, Zenonia 2, fixes many small issues with the first game and is generally considered to be superior. "Zenonia 3", has sharper looking graphics, removes the hunger and inventory weight limits, and continues the saga. Each game contains different classes to play around with.
200px Buddy Rush Hack-n-Slash

Simple hack and slash game playable on your android, ipod/iphone, and browser (as a facebook game), and you can use your characters on any system. Just run around, perform simple quests (often involving reaching the end of a map or collecting items. You even get to kill mummys for toilet paper).

Over 20 characters to choose from, all but 3 (4 if there's a special going on a character) cost in-game premium coins called chips. There are multiple ways to earn chips, but downloading apps (and immediately removing them) is a nice way to earn yourself a few new characters to play with.

200px Shift Puzzle/Adventure

Shift is a puzzle/adventure game where the objective is to get to the door at the end of the level. The cool thing about Shift is that in order to solve these puzzles, you can shift the stage to be upsidedown or rightsideup. There will be obsticals such as spikes which kill you, timed levels, keys, ect., that all hinder you to your objective of getting to the next level.

Slice It! Puzzle You're given a shape and you have to draw straight lines through it, separating it into a certain number of pieces of equal size, while using a specific number of strokes. Might take a little getting used to, because you HAVE to use the given number of strokes, but it's easy to kill time with. Beat levels by getting the pieces close enough in size to get up to 5 stars per stage, and you'll unlock other chapters when you get enough stars. As you play you'll get hint points you can use if you need them.


Stuff that you pay to download, or subscribe to play online.

Screenshot Title Genre Description
200px Battleheart RPG Recruit heroes, level up with skill trees, combat is entirely click-and-drag and ISN'T annoying about it, with bosses that need strategies.
200px Samurai II: Vengeance Hack 'n' Slash Play as a samurai that swings a sword around and kills bad guys. Beautiful graphics reminiscent of Okami. Pretty smooth controls.
200px Cut The Rope Puzzle Another physics-based puzzle game by the makers of Angry Birds ZeptoLabs, which had absofuckinglutely nothing to do with Angry Birds. Just as well-designed and addictive.
200px Game Dev Story Time Management Time management game where you create and manage your own video game company. The most addictive game on Android. Guaranteed to suck your life away. Similar games by Kairosoft like Hot Springs Story and Pocket League Story (soccer) are great as well.
200px Fruit Ninja Arcade Fruit appear on the screen briefly and need to be cut down before they disappear. A few different game modes and unlockables.
200px Tap Sonic Rhythm

Fun and challenging rhythm game by Neowiz. Uses the DJMAX soundtrack (since Neowiz is Pentavision's publisher), so it's the closest thing to a DJMAX on your phone. Available for free, but you have to buy song packs or some shit like that and it feels like they're ripping you off. Despite that, it's pretty hard to turn down on a good rhythm game.

200px O2JAM Analog Rhythm

Oh shit nigger! Do you remember O2Jam? Of course you don't. It was a rhythm game MMO, similar to DJMAX and of course beatmania, that closed down. Now it's back on your phone! Contains most of the songs from the MMO, including everyone's favorite. The game is free, but songs are bought individually.

200px Sonic 4: Episode I Platformer

Decent Sonic game that got good reviews. Physics are shit and music is decent, but sadly it's one of the best Sonic games made recently, now on your Android phone.

200px Sonic CD Platformer

Best port ever done in recent years of one of the best Sonic games from the Genesis era. It's a great port because it's not emulated, rather it was recreated in a new engine that made it possible for it to run smoothly and add many extras. Contains both soundtracks, the ability to play as Tails, smooth Special Stages, leaderboards, achievements and almost everything you want from a good port. However, because of this it doesn't play exactly like its Sega CD counterpart, with minimal but noticeable physics differences. Regardless, it's too good of a deal to pass up.

Emulators Bearbeiten

Play the games of yesteryear directly on your phone!

Screenshot Title Type Description
FPse PSOne/PSX emulator Don't bother with PSX4droid, just get FPse. Emulates pretty much any PSOne game flawlessly.










Emulators for any console up until the N64/PSX era. They were removed from the market, and released for free for a limited time. They're probably on another market somewhere now. They're on now. Search for yongzh to find them all.

Useful apps and software Bearbeiten

Replace the fucking 3D gallery RIGHT NOW!

Screenshot Title Type Description
QuickPic Gallery I cannot stress this enough, if you have the 3D gallery and hate it as much as I did, go get this app. It runs great, no gimmicks, good overview of your photos, it just works.
Every Google app All of them Maps, street view, Earth, Google+, google talk, that one that lets you voice search. Just get all of them, Google made these, so you know they're good.
Youtube Youtube Youtube
Dolphin HD Browser

Dolphin HD is a great browser, Opera Mobile is pretty cool too. I find the default browser perfectly acceptable though, it just lacks tabbed browsing worth a damn.

Chant 4chan browser You know you need this. Lets you browse 4chan on your phone with ease. Chan Explorer used to be pretty awesome as well, but it hasn't updated in a while, and thus the news boards aren't accessible. Chant is free, Chan Explorer is not.
Handcent SMS Messaging Replace your default messaging app with Handcent, it's pretty neat. Looks pretty iPhone-ish. Think other messaging apps have been catching up to it lately, so maybe your default is just as good.
Power Amp Music player Hands down the best music player on the market. Buy it and never look back.
SlideIT Keyboard This shit is amazing, just slide you finger around on the keyboard to write things hella fast. A bit expensive, try it out for 15 days and see for yourself.
MX Video Player Video player Great video player that suports hardware decoding, subtitles and what not.
Barcode Scanner Scanner Scan all those pesky QR codes to reveal the hidden message or go to a website or whatever. It's very handy.
ADW/Launcher GO/LauncherPro Launcher ADW launcher or Launcher GO are both good homescreen replacements, or LauncherPro if you have a low end device. These allow for tons of customization, such as resizing widgets, icon packs, dock background, gestures to do certain things, and so on.
Dropbox File synchronization Dropbox, who doesn't use dropbox. Save a file on your pc, get it on your phone seconds after. They kinda fucked it up recently when they made it so fucking difficult to save files to the sd card, but it still works.
IMO instant messager Instant messaging Client that works with pretty much any service imaginable, msn, facebook, skype, even steam.
WidgetLocker Lockscreen replacement For autists that absolutely must customize EVERYTHING, widgetlocker lets you add widgets, apps and custom unlocking mechanics to your lockscreen. Not free though.
Zeam Launcher Launcher If you're getting bored with rice shit or your default home screen just isn't that great, this could be a great launcher for you. Unlike 3 other launchers mentioned here, this app follows the KISS principle and so it's resource usage is the best out of the lot.
SwiftKey Keyboard SwiftKey X is a downright amazing keyboard replacement with astounding prediction accuracy. The only two (immediately) noticeable downsides are the pricetag ($5) and that the "learn from your messages/etc" menu is set to automagically post bullshit to your Facebook and Twitter pages.
Gmote Media control
Beautiful Widgets Clock/weather widget Paid app. Lets you download tons of skins to customize your widget all you want.
Chrome Beta Browser Beta version of Google's popular browser. Great alternative to the stock browser.
Screen filter Other Screen filter is awesome for making your display REALLY dark to the point that you can get away with texting in a movie theater or such.
Apex Launcher Launcher ICS style launcher with lots of customization. Nova Launcher works too, but certain features are removed from the free version (resizing widgets etc).
SiMi Clock Widget Clock widget A pretty and minimalist clock widget, and somewhat customizable too.

Root required Bearbeiten

1337 hackers only

Screenshot Title Type Description
Titanium Backup Apps and settings backup Lets you backup all your apps, along with app settings, phone settings and so on. It's a must have for any root user.
SetCPU Overclocking Paid app. Get some more juice out out of your shitty wildfire by overclocking it! Or alternatively underclock for less battery consumption. SetCPU lets you make profiles for when the screen is off, when the phone is charging, low battery etc.
AdAway/Adfree Ad block Neither seems to work for me, but now you're aware they exist.
ShootMe Screenshots Lets you take screenshots of your phone by shaking it/blocking the light sensor. There may be better apps for this by now, but it works. I can't find it on the market anymore, but your rom probably has it built in, so whatever.
Root Explorer File browser Paid app, and not for the average user. Lets you mess around in the system files. Can be used to remove THE FUCKING 3D GALLERY or other useless system apps, change the boot animation (download one from deviantART you pony-loving faggot), or just completely break your phone if you don't know what you're doing.
ES File Explorer File browser Said to do the same as Root Explorer, but I haven't tried. Free
LCDDensity Fucking around Change the density of your screen just for shits and giggles. Lower density makes everything tiny, high density makes everything huge. Too low density makes your phone crash if you're unlucky, so don't just tick off the set on boot option without testing first.
GameCIH Cheat Engine

Allows you to mess with game values, set 9001 p2p coins, get max everything, and shit like that.

New version is available here.